Current Status


After release from prison, SFC Stewart was forced to move to Virginia where he lived in an old 20 foot camper in a very, very rural area near the Shenandoah Mountain range.   Over the next 3 years he did not have funds to purchase propane gas on a regular basis and suffered through cold winter nights without heat.  A water hose ran from a well froze and there was no water and he frequently went to use a nearby river as the bathroom facility.  Having little funds for utility payment, during the heat of summer he was without air-conditioning. 

Three years ago his parents were able to rent and move SFC Stewart into an unfinished garage of an old home, one without heat or any comfort items.  He purchased a used wood stove, ran a stovepipe, to have heat in the garage.  Wood was hung on the wall for shelves for food items, etc.  An old, worn out couch and chair were purchased from a thrift shop for about $25.  A used bed and work table were found, the table serving as somewhere to sit and eat.  The unfurnished floor found some cheap throw rugs from a thrift shop.  A used refrigerator with a bad door and no icemaker were found, as was a makeshift kitchen stove to cook on.  He was unable to purchase a microwave oven.  Lighting was rudimentary at best.  In a joint room through a large opening is a portion used by the owner for repair to motorcycles and other items.  Obviously odors and fumes permeated throughout the living area..

SFC Stewart got an entry level job at a local business but, unfortunately, he made a very, very small salary but was the best that could be done for now.  From that small amount of take-home pay he had to  pay a large child support payment, necessary utilities, food, insurance and gas to get to work while using an old car purchased by his parents, medical bills must be paid (he has extensive health issues from military service and was without VA health benefits), clothing, etc., etc., etc.  Additionally, the United States Army has billed him for over $35,000 in back pay issues from his active duty time and shortly will begin garnisheeing his pay for a monthly amount that appears to exceed his entire monthly income.  Being unable to pay, he would once again be sent to prison, so had had to declare bankruptcy in 2015 to avoid the back pay issue.  Using a large chunk of their life savings and selling family treasures, his parents were able to make a down payment and pay closing costs on a small 900 sq ft fixer-upper home and SFC Stewart finally had a roof over his head. 

In October 2016 SFC Stewart was critically burned in an industrial accident suffering 2nd and 3rd degree burns on about 60% of his body.  He was home undergoing therapy for a long time and has a long road ahead of him in the recovery process.  Your prayers are appreciated. He lost his job and a  family member has given him another job but due to his condition, both physically and monetarily, things are difficult.  He financially struggles every single day to simply feed himself, get medical care and pay for it, despite severe dental problems has little or no funds for dental support, is driving an old car with nearly 200,000 miles on it and in poor condition, etc.  Virtually nobody reading this terrible situation online has stepped forward to assist him.  For shame.  But, if you would like to contact and help him, the address is:

Kelly Stewart
447 Falling Rock Drive
Amherst, VA  24521

New update, June 2018.  A family member has given Kelly a job because nobody else would help after the brewery where he worked tossed him aside after the injuries directly resulting from their failure to ensure safety features were installed on the equipment.  Kelly is now climbing 1000 ft towers despite having severe scarring that limits his mobility on the left side.  His vehicle died and he was forced to ride a motorcycle during the brutal winter months to get to and from work.  We have asked President Trump on three occasions to pardon him because of the obvious failure of the military justice system.  No response has been received.